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Tracing one's family history is the 2nd most popular hobby in the United States. It's educational, rewarding and fun. There are a variety of resources to help you learn about your family. I know it sounds simple, but start with yourself and go backwards. Don't start with grandparent three generations from you. Decide what you want to find and figure out what records you need to answer your question(s). When you find a record, document and record your results such as "Obituary, Minneapolis STAR, April 6, 1956, p. 18". Find out what's available to you online and if not, where is it and where to go. What does your local library have for you? Do they subscribe to genealogy databases? Take a class or a webinar. Your local library may offer them. Browse and play with online databases and websites that pertain to what you are looking for. It's fun to see what they have. A useful one is www.familysearch.org

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